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The Mirage of Blaze Community
"Let us find it together, our ideal way of existence...."
10th-Jan-2015 05:09 pm - Fanfic Update
Dear all,

chapter seven of "The Prize" is online and can be accessed here.

Please note: new rating (M)
2nd-Dec-2014 10:07 pm - Fanfic Update
Good day,
Chapter 43 is up:


P.S. That song is one of my favorites.
30th-Nov-2014 04:16 pm - Fanfic Update
Dear all,

I just posted the next chapter of "The Prize", please access here.

Have fun!
27th-Nov-2014 06:49 pm(no subject)
takaya & naoe kiss
Another beautiful piece of fan art by another extremely talented artist. Sweet intimate moment of Naotaka in a beautiful location...

[Click Here]

Naotaka in The Moonlight

Mirage of Blaze is published by Shueisha Inc.

Shueisha Inc. owns VIZ Media that licenses Japanese manga and anime officially translated into English.

I just wrote to VIZ Media asking if they will ever publish Mirage of Blaze in English.

I would suggest to all who are interested in Mirage of Blaze to write to VIZ Media to show that if they will publish it they will sell it as well.



Here the message from a community member to me:

We can try, though as far as I know, Sublime (yaoi division of VIZ) considers publishing novels unprofitable.
They do accept suggestions though.
Here is their web site: http://www.sublimemanga.com/contact
I sent my suggestion for MOB long time ago, may be more people would join in ?

Here the mail i sent to both Viz Media and SuBLime Manga:

Subject: Mirage of Blaze light novel

Dear all,

I watched the Mirage of Blaze anime and I really liked the story, but it hasn't been completed.
Searching online turns out that Mirage of Blaze is only available as light novel format in Japanese, it is composed of 40 books plus some extras, and is written by Mizuna Kuwabara and published by Shueisha Inc.
It seems that Mirage of Blaze has never been licensed to be translated into English.
Googling Mirage of Blaze turns out that there are many fan sites with some fragmented translation, and it seems the buzz around Mirage of Blaze is high.
I think that an official release of Mirage of Blaze translated into English will sell very well, either as ***print*** or ***digital*** format.
So i would like to ask you, will there ever be an official translation of the whole Mirage of Blaze 40 books plus extras into English ?


Please fans, send this message to Viz Media and SuBLime Manga or write your own: the more requests will show them that there is a demand for Mirage of Blaze.
19th-Nov-2014 05:41 pm - Fic Update
Greetings, everyone

Chapter 42 is up:

16th-Nov-2014 04:57 pm - Some new vids again

Here is funny crack video :-) Enjoy

2nd-Nov-2014 02:23 pm - Fanfic update
Dear all,

Chapter 5 of "The Prize" is online and can be accessed here:

Sixteen years, eight months, twenty-two days

18th-Oct-2014 09:44 am - mirage stage PV @YOUTUBE

mirage showa-hen stage OP PV @YOUTUBE
DVD will be released in February 2015.

There was men called Uesugi yasha shuu who has misson of ghost exterminate.

Uesugi Kagetora,Naoe Nobutuna,Irobe Katsunaga,Kakizaki Haruie,Yasuda Nagahide.

They have lived four hundred year depending on Kanshou.

They who fight the dead person for purification was became contradictory dead person .

1958(昭和33年), Tokyo was lively on its high economic growth.

Biggest enemy of Uesugi yasha-shuu, resurrect now.
11th-Sep-2014 08:50 pm - Fic Update
Hello again, everyone!

Chapter 40 is now up.
16th-Aug-2014 05:20 pm - Fanfic Update
Dear all,

I just posted Chapter 4 of "The Prize":

Sixteen years, eight months, twenty-one days

Loooong chapter, btw - enjoy! :-)
21st-Jun-2014 07:31 pm - Fanfic Update
Hello everyone!

Chapter 37 is up: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8811767/37/400-Years-Apart
8th-Jun-2014 02:26 pm(no subject)
Hello everyone,
here are some of new AMVs. Enjoy :-)

7th-Jun-2014 09:16 am - Fic Update
Dear all,

please find here the new chapter of "The Prize".

"Eyes the color of wild honey travelled over him for a moment. It evoked a strange reaction in him, almost a sensation, like being touched by the midday sun. Naoe's eyes narrowed. Perhaps he was running a fever from his injury."

Enjoy :-)
24th-May-2014 06:07 pm - Fic Update
Dear all,

I hope you'll enjoy Chapter Twelve of "Nights With Matches and Knives".

I'm so sorry it took forever to update! Have fun :-)
22nd-May-2014 06:15 pm(no subject)
passionate takaya & naoe
Hi there! Mirage of Blaze Showa Hen (prequels on the Minako era) vol 1 inner illustrations by Takashima Kazusa can be found here: http://tieba.baidu.com/photo/p?kw=%D1%D7%D6%AE%F2%D7%C6%F8%C2%A5&fp=1&tid=2863163914#!/pid280261d9f2d3572c24a6659c8813632763d0c379/pn1 and the limited edition special booklet images can be found here: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3036034882. Enjoy!^^
17th-May-2014 10:01 pm - Fanfic Update
Dear all,

the second chapter of "The Prize" is up and can be read here.

Enjoy :-)
10th-May-2014 07:45 am - New Fanfic
Hi all,

instead of updating "Nights with Matches and Knives" (which will happen, of course, it's only a matter of time ;-)), I've written something new:

Title: The Prize
Rating: T
Category: Historical AU
Summary: 1569: The Hōjō are defeated, their realms about to be cut up between their victorious neighbor clans. For outstanding services during the siege, General Naoe Nobutsuna is given a very special reward: the youngest of the Hōjō brothers.

Enjoy :-)

Yes! You are reading that correctly!
NO, your eyes are NOT
deceiving you!
I have authentic used in production of the animation series genga sets from
Mirage of Blaze!!
These items are from a private collection and are for sale!
1st come, 1st serve!

For pics head over to my thread for them.. 24 sets are up so far!
* Larger pics upon request to serious buyers.

Another 80+ Sketch sets to be added soon!!
19th-Mar-2014 01:30 pm - Fanfic Update
I know it's a little late to post here but busy life had me at its grasp...

Anyway, here it is: Chapter 31 is up:

16th-Feb-2014 11:39 am - Fanfic Update
Chapter 30 is up! Enjoy.

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