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The Mirage of Blaze Community
"Let us find it together, our ideal way of existence...."
Want Mirage Community? Head This Way --> 
27th-Jun-2017 03:43 pm
You may have noticed that the Mirage of Blaze fan community has dwindled away over the past few years. Some of us are trying to get an active group back together for Mirage fun, fanning out, and eventually getting enough momentum to seriously start fan translations again.

If you love Mirage and would like a space to talk with other fans, share your fan works and meta, and, as your skills and time allow, help translate, summarize, scanlate, etc. Mirage material, head over to Asphodel's forums, which are very nice, old-school, easy-to-use, well-maintained discussion forums dedicated to Mirage.

If your primary fan home is Tumblr, LJ, DW or somewhere else, feel free to crosspost or post links to your Mirage content on these forums to have a permanent Mirage home. Hope to see you!
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