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The Mirage of Blaze Community
"Let us find it together, our ideal way of existence...."
Mirage Vols 7 and 8: Translations by Asphodel 
5th-Jan-2017 07:56 am
I have just (very belatedly) updated the mirage_trans profile to include the last couple of years of asphodel's diligent Mirage translation efforts:

Volume 7: http://www.asphodelshaven.com/translation/novel/mirage-blaze-volume-7-supreme-conquerors-demon-mirror-2

Volume 8 (start): http://www.asphodelshaven.com/translation/novel/mirage-blaze-volume-7-supreme-conquerors-demon-mirror-2

Do check out her amazing website and consider supporting it.
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