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The Mirage of Blaze Community
"Let us find it together, our ideal way of existence...."
16th-Nov-2017 09:13 pm - [Sharing] Mirage of Blaze doujinshi
Kagetora (Mirage of Blaze)
 photo img004.jpg

I'm sharing another Mirage of Blaze doujinshi from the Mizuiro Penguin series (i.e. Takaya is a cute penguin).

Title: Mizuiro Penguin # 1.
Author: Haruhi Chacha (春日茶々)
Language: japanese (raws)
14 MB: mediafire »
18th-Jul-2017 10:35 am - Volume 28 Summary
I am excited to report that Rina has done some very in-depth summary of volume 28!


This is the first significant English summary we've had beyond vol. 24 in several years. Yay! Thanks, Rina!
You may have noticed that the Mirage of Blaze fan community has dwindled away over the past few years. Some of us are trying to get an active group back together for Mirage fun, fanning out, and eventually getting enough momentum to seriously start fan translations again.

If you love Mirage and would like a space to talk with other fans, share your fan works and meta, and, as your skills and time allow, help translate, summarize, scanlate, etc. Mirage material, head over to Asphodel's forums, which are very nice, old-school, easy-to-use, well-maintained discussion forums dedicated to Mirage.

If your primary fan home is Tumblr, LJ, DW or somewhere else, feel free to crosspost or post links to your Mirage content on these forums to have a permanent Mirage home. Hope to see you!
Many thanks to imperfekti for a) informing me that Mirage of Blaze Showa period stage plays exist and b) doing excellent summaries so that I can sort of tell what's going on. I have got my hands on the DVDs for the first two, thanks to demitas, who used her Japanese skills to order them for me. And now I have thinky thoughts. To begin reviewish stuff:

Caveat: I can't fully "review" these plays, of course, because I can't understand 95% of the script. For the same reason, I can't fully assess these plays against any other Mirage material that hasn't been translated into English, so please take my thoughts with the appropriate grains of salt.

In a word, I loved these plays. They're very successful theater: wonderful use of lighting and sound effects to create very much the same level of physical excitement I personally get from a big budget movie. It's a great way to bring a text with comparatively small financial pull to life (and I'd love to see more of this in the fine arts). The acting, in general, is very good and the characters very in character. I would recommend these plays to anyone who is a serious Mirage fan. They are an important addition to the universe. I laid down a fair amount of money (~$160 USD) to buy them and get them shipped from Japan, and although I am not rich, I consider it money well spent. They're that good.

Fake cut to my journal
22nd-Apr-2017 12:07 pm - Fic Update: The Prize
Dear all,

chapter 14 can be accessed here.

29th-Jan-2017 07:39 am - fanfic update
Dear all,

Chapter 13 of The Prize is now available:

Enjoy :-)

KR Jolanda
I have just (very belatedly) updated the mirage_trans profile to include the last couple of years of asphodel's diligent Mirage translation efforts:

Volume 7: http://www.asphodelshaven.com/translation/novel/mirage-blaze-volume-7-supreme-conquerors-demon-mirror-2

Volume 8 (start): http://www.asphodelshaven.com/translation/novel/mirage-blaze-volume-7-supreme-conquerors-demon-mirror-2

Do check out her amazing website and consider supporting it.
24th-Jul-2016 09:17 pm - Happy Birthday Takaya-san <3
I made an AMV for our Takaya-san, I almost forgot about his birthday. Shame on me....
26th-Jun-2016 09:26 pm - Fanfic Update
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
9th-Feb-2016 08:23 pm - Fic Update
Dear all,

chapter 12 of The Prize is online and can be read here:

Sixteen years, eleven months, twenty days

26th-Jan-2016 06:38 pm - Fresh AMVs
I just decided to make a move and upload some new AMVs to revive this dying fandom, because we still love Mirage of blaze..am I right? :-)

3rd-Sep-2015 12:16 pm - A new forum for Mirage of Blaze
Lavender smile


I hope everyone has already noticed Asphodel's Haven has gone some updates, and that new translations of book seven is underway.

Besides the new look and the translations, the site now has a forum for Mirage of Blaze. It's very new, so there's not much there yet, but we are hoping to have all kinds of discussions related to the series there.

If you are on Tumblr and have looked at the Mirage of Blaze tag, you may have noticed there is still some more activity in the fandom than one might think if they only looked here. But hopefully it will be even easier for everyone to come together and share everything related to the on the forum.

It would be lovely to have more people join us, so please come over to talk with us!

20th-Aug-2015 01:58 pm - Fanfic Update

Chapter 53 is up:

25th-Jul-2015 10:51 pm - Fanfic Update

I am surprised myself to deliver this fast. Why? (I hate playing the waiting game)

Chapter 52 of my fic is up:

7th-Jul-2015 01:26 pm - Fanfic Update
Hello everyone!
After a short delay here is the latest chapter of my fic:

30th-May-2015 05:38 pm - Fanfic Update
Dear all,

please find the new chapter of "The Prize" here.

14th-Apr-2015 03:10 pm - Fanfic Update
Hello everyone,

Chapter 49 is up:

9th-Mar-2015 09:12 pm - New AMV :-)
Hi everyone
here comes my new amv about Naoe, just follow the lyrics of the song..Naoe is high all the time :-D
It could be interesting to read some fanfic where would be Naoe addicted to drugs because of desperation and Takaya is his only way for rehab.
Enjoy and pls like it :-)
7th-Mar-2015 06:04 pm - Fanfic Update
Dear all,

the next chapter of "The Prize" is online and can be read here:

Sixteen years, ten months, eighteen days

Rating: M

25th-Feb-2015 08:31 pm - Fanfic writers inspired
Here is the piping-hot fast update!

400 Years Apart, Chapter 47:
16th-Feb-2015 12:02 pm - Fanfic Update
Hi everyone!

Chapter 46 is up:

14th-Feb-2015 06:34 pm - Fanfic Update
Dear all,

I'm surprised myself to announce that Chapter 9 of The Prize is finished and available already:

Sixteen years, nine months, twenty-nine days

At that moment, he wanted nothing more than to touch that fire.

1st-Feb-2015 08:46 am - fanfic update
Dear all,

Chapter 8 of The Prize is now available here:

Sixteen years, ten months, twenty-eight days

20th-Jan-2015 08:47 pm - Tribute to OVAs

Here is tribute AMV to 3 OVAs..kinda action then romance style :-) for a change
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